Jumat, 16 Desember 2011


yeah, my bestfriend have a problem ( i mean 'not really big problems. but you know lah) with POPULARslutgirls in my school.hey do you think who you are,guys?
many people do not like you. ew, haha

i tell the fact about you GUYS ;

-you are NOT  pretty !( God always beside us. i mean not beside you) maybe the effect of  your clothes. i mean your bikini. ha ha
-You are on popular phase. of course, you will have a baddays, yeaah maybe not now, but next time.  you guys will have a poor phase. isnntt good?
- oh okey. my bad. to tell LITTLE BIT about your badhabits right here. hey, i dont care ,sslluuttts ;;)

 see? the win always be the winner. same with the loser like y'all :) always be? THE LOSER
bigtalking HATERS

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