Senin, 02 Januari 2012

i dont care :)

i dont care if   haha. haters hate me . you guys are fallin in love with me. why? coz u always stalked my life :p
i dont care if   mata gue sipit, dan hidung gue lebar. setidaknya masi bisa ngeliat dan menghirup udara. woho!
i dont (uhm) care if  people say that im fat. fat? thats true! but............ not really sure that im okay with this-_-
i dont care if  that im not really smart. fyi, for the 2nd semester (soon) I'LL BE BETTER , BE BETTER!! Trust me! :b
i dont care if many, many, AND MANY!

so you guys. if you're gossipers and haterss. thanks for your time for discussed me(: . little bit famous lah.. (?) :b

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